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3D Imaging with GALILEOS

As always, we at South Jersey Dental Care want only the best for our patients.

We have now gone beyond xrays to cone beam, 3D imaging and pinpoint accuracy so we can offer the most EFFICIENT, SAFEST and ACCURATE dentistry available anywhere today.

Anatomical structures typically hidden by traditional xrays can be viewed in 3-dimensions, allowing pinpoint placement of implants. Locating nerve channels, accurately measuring bone width and 3D views of sinuses makes your surgery more precise, faster and more successful.

It's not only for implants!

This technology also integrates with our other virtual treatment planning systems such as the CEREC one-hour porcelain crowns. And viewing hidden, obscured areas allows for better all-around diagnosis and dental treatment.Placing implants and bone grafting can be performed with levels of accuracy not attainable with older technologies.

This is the same technology used by advanced medical centers.


    Why cone beam 3D?

  • placement of implants is safer, more accurate and more predictable than ever before
  • fewer appointments
  • surgery is virtually performed on the images before the procedure even starts
  • prepare for extractions, place implants and prepare root canal therapy with accuracy
  • allows visualization of areas hidden by traditional xrays
  • easier to uncover obscure, chronic sources of pain
  • the same technology used for pinpoint accuracy in locating tumors by advanced medical centers
  • open, stand-up unit, no enclosed spaces
  • affordable, yet eligible for insurance reimbursement