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No Insurance? Read About our In-house Discount Plan

For a small fee you and your family are entitled to these benefits on a 12 month basis:

  • Two dental exams
  • Two dental cleanings
  • Full Mouth Series of (18) x-rays or Panoramic x-ray
  • Bite-wing (4) x-rays
  • For children under 17, one fluoride treatment
  • ALL dental services provided by SJDC, regardless of type, 20% reduction of regular fee

Sampling of Regular Fees:

  Discount Plan Fee Regular Fee
Periodic routine examination $66 Included 2 per 12 months
Routine adult dental cleaning $87 Included 2 per 12 months
Full Mouth Xray (18 images) $122 Included,1 per 12 months
CT 3-dimensional scan $200 Included with implant surgery fee
Included with implant surgery fee $1273 20% reduction
Molar root canal treatment & cast post & core $1362 20% reduction

Twelve-month Plan Fee:

$300 for single adult

$250 per adult when more than one adult enrolls in plan

$120 for each dependent child under age 17 with one parent/responsible adult enrollment

All payments must be made at time of service.

No refund of enrollment fee will be made after any dental treatment has been delivered.

Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers. Cannot be combined with Care Credit payments or

Springstone funding.

Other restrictions may apply. Terms may change without notice but all plans honored for 12 month

period after initial payment is made.